Making the Most of Direct Mail's Popularity – Part 8

Making the Most of Direct Mail's Popularity – Part 8

It's always the ones we're not supposed to have who are the most irresistible.

One of the keys to successful Direct Mail is to make the offer as irresistible as possible. This might seem like a pretty obvious one, but the thinking behind it is much more complex, and it's not just about having a great offer. The key lies in the psychology of the campaign, and that's what we're going to look at in this blog.

It's important to begin developing the offer within the overall strategy of your campaign. It should be based around the values of your brand and the target market for the mailer. Analyse all of the data you have available to work out what will appeal. This is vital because while a £10 free play offer, for example, is likely to work well for a first-time gambler, it will be irrelevant to a big-spending punter.

Next, look at the things that are likely to appeal to your recipients. The most effective way to do this is to identify so-called 'pain points' that you can work on. That's not as brutal as it sounds; It just means identifying areas where there are problems you can solve with your offer, usually relating to money, time, stress or happiness. In simple terms, these are problems you resolve or expectations you can meet.

You also need to look at the value you are adding to the customer, especially if they are a new member moving to you from another gaming site. I'm not saying that moving to another online gaming site is as stressful as something like transferring your bank account, but people will always have loyalty to a certain brands, and old playing habits die hard, so you need to give them a strong enough incentive to make the move.

In summary, your offer needs to be strong enough to attract attention, while also being structured to address potential negative factors among your target audience. This is why making it 'irresistible' is not just about the incentive, it's also about the way the offer is framed and presented. Get this right and you're half way there.

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