Referral Marketing: Making Your Direct Mail Go Further

So we all know the main point of Direct Mail is to either attract new customers or upsell to existing ones. But have you ever thought of ways that DM can be used to reach a wider audience than the named recipient? Let's call it added value. It's easier than you think, and for iGaming companies it can bring with it a refreshingly low CPA.

So, how does it work? Well, the simplest and most straightforward way is to give your existing customers a reason to share the joy. This can take the part of a simple incentive by which both the existing and new customers get something back, usually a free play credit, bonus spins, or something along those lines. It's something that non-gaming brands like Virgin Media (£50 credit for both parties) and Graze (Free box for new customers) do very well.

The best bit is that it doesn't have to be the core focus of the DM campaign, although it can be integrated within it. You can simply include a voucher or personalised code within your mailer for the recipient to share with their mates and, if it's an addition to the core campaign, it offers the prospect of new signups at a very low cost.

The type of offer that works for your iGaming brand will depend on the market you're in and the potential value of each new customer, but as a general rule you should keep it simple. Be as generous as you can be in order to make the incentive worth having, but don't go so high that you're increasing the CPA to the level of other promotional channels.

Taking an online casino as an example, you could offer a free £50 credit to the existing player for every friend who signs up and deposits a certain amount, with a £50 match bonus for the friend. If you're an online lottery business, offer a 1-month free syndicate play for each new signup, as well as the referrer. You will know what's most likely to work, but you need to make the existing customer feel it's worth their time and effort to share the joy.

Referral marketing is just one more way that Direct Mail can add value to your business. Find out how we can make Direct Mail work for your business by contacting the Secure Direct Mail team on 01624 698488 or email

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