Isle of Man Post Office presents the magical paintings of visual artist Eileen Schaer in six animal stamps

Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to present this joyful set of six stamps showcasing the work of one of Isle of Man’s most individual and popular artists. Our selection focusses on animals to showcase Eileen’s highly idiosyncratic paintings.

Eileen works from her imagination. She is self-taught and has been painting for many years. Her magical paintings have a sophisticated and at the same time childlike primitive feel which her admirers and collectors like so much.

The animals are set in an imaginary setting either alone or in human company creating a dreamlike world. She hopes her paintings are uplifting and bring joy so that they can take life out of its mediocrity which she thinks is essential during these dark times.

Eileen’s love of animals is portrayed in her paintings and she says: "We can learn so much from animals. They have no ego, live in the moment and can show you so much love. It is such a privilege to experience that connection between yourself and another creature. A relationship on a spiritual level perhaps? Animals can be our best friends, they can be loyal and can be our guardians."   

Eileen has worked in a variety of media over the years: from meticulous tiny gouache paintings to large scale oil paintings, painted sculpture and lino-cut prints. Our stamp images represent paintings in acrylic on board, with the imagery extending over the risen frame of each piece.

Artist Eileen Schaer said of the stamps “It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to celebrate my animal paintings in this new issue of Isle of Man stamps and to be able to showcase them to a new audience.”

Maxine Cannon General Manager Isle of Man Stamps & Coins said “It has been a great pleasure to work with Eileen and Isle of Man Advertising on this project and I am sure our collectors worldwide will be delighted to place the artworks into their Isle of Man album”

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