Isle of Man Stamps to be Sent to the Moon!

The Isle of Man is posting stamps to the Moon as part of a ground-breaking mission to explore the possibility of space as an ultra-secure, extra-planetary storage location.
Together with the Isle of Man Post Office, Digital Isle of Man – an Executive Agency within the Department for Enterprise - has used the expertise in the Island’s blockchain industry to digitise exclusive stamps that will be posted to the Moon and back working via Lonestar’s lunar data centre.
Each digital stamp will be verified and tracked during its return trip to the Moon, with this trail becoming part of the digital footprint.
They will then be transmitted back to Earth as part of the larger Artemis lunar exploration programme mission.
The stamps are the first digital stamps ever used by the Isle of Man Post Office, and will feature different versions of the famous Triskelion flag, representing each of the secondary schools on the Island.
Pupils of each school will learn about the technology involved, and will remotely observe the launch and transfer of data.
The stamps are also the first in the Isle of Man to bear the cypher of the newly-crowned King Charles III

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