Post Office Welcomes New Political Appointments

Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) is delighted to welcome Diane Kelsey MLC as its new Vice Chairman following Chris Thomas MHK’s recent decision to take up the role of Chair, providing continuity and considerable political experience, having been Vice Chair since July 2020.

The changes come following the Isle of Man General Election in September which saw former Chairman Julie Edge MHK appointed to Minister for Education, Sport and Culture. Ms Edge MHK held the role for five years, leading the business through a period of key transformation such as the change in letter delivery frequency from 6 days to 5, closure of the defined benefit pension scheme to new members with a new risk sharing scheme created for new employees, and Tynwald approval of the retail modernisation strategy, to name but a few.

Simon Kneen. Chief Executive of IOMPO said: “On behalf of the Executive Team, we look forward to continuing to work with Mr Thomas MHK in his capacity as Chair and offer a warm welcome to Mrs Kelsey MLC as a new member on our Board, who will I am sure bring valuable input and experience.”

He continued: “I wish to express our sincere thanks to Julie Edge MHK who remained steadfast and committed to IOMPO during her term with us. She joined us at the start of our five-year strategy to make the business modern and fit for purpose and successfully led a number of significant business changes through Tynwald. We wish her much success in her new ministerial role. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Jane O’Rourke who has been a valuable lay Board member over the past five years and who will be stepping down from the role next month.”

At next month’s sitting of Tynwald, the appointment of John Hollis, Christopher Mitchell and Christopher Allen as lay members of IOMPO will be brought for approval. Mr Hollis and Mr Mitchell currently serve on the IOMPO Board and are proposed to continue for a further term with Mr Allen set to join the Board as a new serving member.

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