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Marine Mosaics by Kimmy McHarrie

Collection Issue Date: 7th March 2024

Dive into the mesmerising world beneath the waves with Marine Mosaics

This captivating collection features six stamps showcasing a selection of fish species that hold special significance to Islanders. Crafted with meticulous detail by renowned mosaic artist Kimmy McHarrie, these stamps are a testament to the beauty and fragility of our marine ecosystems.

As an island whose heritage is deeply intertwined with the sea, the decline in fish stocks is a matter close to our hearts. Through Kimmy's intricate mosaics, we pay homage to the rich maritime history of the Isle of Man while highlighting the importance of conservation efforts in preserving our oceans.

Each stamp tells a story, reflecting Kimmy's lifelong connection to the sea. From her childhood days spent exploring the bay of Castletown to her acclaimed career as a mosaic artist, Kimmy's passion for nature shines through in every piece.

Delve into the details and discover the Manx names of these iconic fish species, passed down through generations. From the humble Herring, known locally as Skeddan, to the majestic Braddan (Salmon), Kimmy's artwork celebrates the cultural heritage of the Isle of Man.

Additionally, the collection includes our Europa stamp for 2024, providing a unique glimpse into the shared cultural and ecological heritage of the Isle of Man within the broader context of the Europa stamp initiative.

Join us in celebrating Kimmy McHarrie's extraordinary talent and the resilience of our marine ecosystems. These stamps are more than just collectables—they're a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the importance of protecting it for future generations.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Marine Mosaics - order your stamps today and journey beneath the waves!

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Issue Information

This collection is a celebration of the artistry and skill of mosaic artist Kimmy McHarrie, inviting admirers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of marine life. Each stamp intricately depicts native fish species in stunning detail, showcasing Kimmy's unparalleled talent for capturing the beauty of nature through mosaic art.

As collectors embark on this journey beneath the waves, they are invited to marvel at the intricate craftsmanship and admire the dedication that Kimmy pours into each masterpiece. With limited edition presentation packs and first day covers available, "Marine Mosaics" offers enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the timeless allure of mosaics while commemorating the rich maritime heritage of the Isle of Man.

Technical Information

Mosaic Images

Kimmy McHarrie


EJC Design


IOM Post Office




Offset Lithography




Gummed FSC Securpost 110 GPW


11.5 per 2cm

Stamp Size

50 x 40mm 


Sheets of 10

Date of Issue

7th March 2024

Limited Editions

Presentation Packs 1,000; First Day Covers 1,500

Collection Products

Marine Mosaics Set and Sheet Set
Marine Mosaics Set and Sheet Set

Product Code: ADD67
Product Issue Date: 7th March 2024

Dive beneath the waves with this collection of six stamps in a set or a sheet set.

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Marine Mosaics Presentation Pack
Marine Mosaics Presentation Pack

Product Code: ADD41
Product Issue Date: 7th March 2024

Enjoy this set of six stamps in a specially designed folder.

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Price: £11.59


Marine Mosaics First Day Cover
Marine Mosaics First Day Cover

Product Code: ADD91
Product Issue Date: 7th March 2024

This special cover features meticulously crafted stamps affixed to an elegantly designed envelope. Dive into the depths of creativity and celebrate the beauty of marine life with this cherished memento marking the inaugural day of issue for the "Marine Mosaics" stamp collection.

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Price: £11.64


Marine Mosaics Europa Sheetlet
Marine Mosaics Europa Sheetlet

Product Code: ADD68
Product Issue Date: 7th March 2024

This minature sheetlet features 10 of the £1.28 Europa stamp for 2024.

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Price: £12.80


Marine Mosaics Europa Cover
Marine Mosaics Europa Cover

Product Code: ADD95
Product Issue Date: 7th March 2024

This year's Europa stamp is featured on a beautiful first day cover

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Price: £7.50



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