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150th Anniversary of the Isle of Man Steam Railway Set and Sheet Set

Eight stunning stamps celebrating the 150th anniversary of Isle of Man Steam Railways

2x80p stamps, 1x100p stamp, 3x128p stamps, 1x151p stamp and 1x231p landscape stamps.

Product Description
  • Eight beautiful stamps that honour the 150-year journey of the Isle of Man Steam Railway:

    Stamp 1: Sutherland and Derby (80p) – Engine 1, Sutherland, named after the Duke of Sutherland, original director of the railway company. Paired with engine 1, Derby, named after the Earl of Derby, who owned the Isle of Man before it was sold to the British monarch.

    Stamp 2: Loch and Pender (80p) – Engine 3, Pender, named after the then director of the company Sir John Pender. Alongside engine 4, Loch, named after Lieutenant Governor Henry Brougham Loch and beloved by many as their favourite engine on the railway,

    Stamp 3: Peveril and Mona (100p) – Engine 5, Mona, named from the Latin name for the Isle of Man and engine 6, Peveril, named after a character in Sir Walter Scott's novel Peveril Of The Peak.

    Stamp 4: Fenella and Tynwald (128p) – The seventh engine is named after the Manx parliament, Tynwald. Paired alongside engine 8, Fenella, again named after a character in a novel by Sir Walter Scott.

    Stamp 5: G.H. Wood and Douglas (128p) – Engine 9, Douglas was named after the Island’s capital and is seen alongside engine 10, G.H. Wood, named after the railway's one-time company secretary and director George Henry Wood.

    Stamp 6: Maitland and Hutchinson (128p) - Stalwart of the fleet and rarely out of service, engine 11 Maitland, named after another company director. Seen opposite Hutchinson, named after company director W. A. Hutchinson.

    Stamp 7: Kissack and Thornhill (151p) – Still in use today, Kissack was named after a company director and is seen opposite engine 14 Thornhill, named after the then chairman’s residence.

    Stamp 8: Caledonia and Mannin (231p) – Engine 15 Caledonia (Scottish for Scotland) against engine 16, Mannin, (Manx for Isle of Man) which used to be housed on display in the Mannin Railway Museum but is currently being assessed for rebuild.

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