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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 50p Collection Part II

Isle of Man Stamps & Coins is delighted to present the much awaited Part II of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 50p Coin Collection.
The second instalment to this beautiful series of coins celebrates the 150th anniversary of the timeless tale, celebrated with the release of Part I earlier in the year.


£29.50 inc. VAT


Product Code: AI84

Product Description
  • The designs depict the books most beloved characters from the sequel with excerpts of their best known quotes, including:

    • Alice “Life, what is it but a dream?”
    • Mad March Hare “There’s nothing but hay left now”.
    • Tweedledum & Tweedledee “There’s nothing to cry about!”
    • The Red Queen “The Queen cried ‘Faster! Faster!’”
    • The White Queen “That’s the effect of living backwards”.

    The coins are circulating quality and are protected within an illustrated folder, making the perfect gift idea. *coins can have minor contact marks and edge imperfections*

    The coins are protected within a card and includes descriptions of each of the characters featured.

    The coins are circulating quality but have not been in circulation. 

    Free worldwide delivery as standard.

    Free Shipping

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