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Back to the Moon Set & Sheet Set

Eight stunning stamps narrating the story of the return to the Moon and humanities future on or more accurately in the moon.

Product Description
  • Completing our trilogy of stamp issues studying humanity in space, this third set takes us on a journey into the future as humans head back to the Moon, for the first time since 1972, this time to establish a permanent presence. The planned missions will all feature Manx-manufactured components in use within the spacecraft, as the Isle of Man is home to a number of the world’s leading space and satellite communications companies whose hardware is vital to such projects. 

    Issue text author Chris Stott narrates his version of humanities future on but more accurately in the moon. The images featured on the stamps use augmented reality to visualise this vision.

    The Stamps

    Stamp 1. Artemis: NASA’s heavy lifter that will take the Orion module into space.

    Stamp 2. Orion: The crewed capsule that will take astronauts around the Moon and safely back to Earth.

    Stamp 3. Lone Alpha: The first data centre that will connect Earth and the Moon. All engineered and created on the Isle of Man.

    Stamp 4. City of New Hope: The first lunar city, where scientists and astronauts will live and work.

    Stamp 5. Discovery: The labs and experimental research facilities where scientists will discover new ways to fuel our space journeys and live off world. 

    Stamp 6. Lunar Greenhouse: A living biosphere garden where the people of the Moon will relax.

    Stamp 7. The Sanctuary: The ground-breaking people that work and live on the Moon and the manmade ecosystems engineered to facilitate human life.

    Stamp 8. Earthrise: A projected live view of the Earth in the Lunar living quarters, enjoying the sight of our home planet, Earth.

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