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Isle of Man Yearbook 2022

A beautifully presented A4 hard backed book contains all 102 stamps issued from the previous 12 months housed within bespoke stamp mounts for each chapter, making for an elegant and convenient way to present your collection. Such highlights of the year include the Platinum Jubilee, BBC100 and David Bowie: Actor collections.
**estimated dispatch date of 22.1.2023**


£132.50 inc. VAT


Product Code: ABO07

Product Description
  • The yearbook is a beautifully presented, premium A4 hard backed book, designed by Isle of Man Stamps and Coins alongside Isle of Man Advertising. The yearbook contains each mint set issued from the past 12 months alongside in depth information behind each issue. It also includes messages from Simon Kneen, Isle of Man Post Office Chief Executive as well as an insight into the Bureau’s year, providing details on the stories behind each issue and those who have helped us create them through our year in pictures.

    You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at our year in pictures, adding more to the story behind each stamp issue and the many people who have helped us to create them.

    The yearbook represents outstanding value and is offered at a premium of less than £2.50 over the face value of the mint stamps, making for the perfect accompaniment to any keen philatelists coffee table.

     *Please note that this product will be despatched as soon as it becomes available. This will likely be January 2023.

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