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Platinum Jubilee Fifty Pence Collection

A new collection of 50 pence coins released in celebration of the momentous occasion of the Platinum Jubilee.


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Product Code: AI87

Product Description
  • We are thrilled to offer the Isle of Man Government Platinum Jubilee Fifty Pence collection. The collection features five x fifty pence coins, each featuring lines of text from the British National Anthem. Each coin design also features one of the Queen's Beasts.

    You will receive your collection presented in a regal purple folder accompanied by text detailing Her Majesty the Lord of Mann's close relationship with the Isle of Man throughout her reign.

    Text from inside the coin pack:

    On 21st April 1926 Princess Elizabeth was born in London, the first child for the Duke and Duchess of York. Just 25 years later, following the untimely death of her father King George VI, Elizabeth acceded the throne to become Queen Elizabeth II. Now in the 70th year of her reign, Her Majesty is the longest reigning monarch in British history, and currently the oldest reigning monarch in the world. Both are incredible achievements in longevity and the unwavering sense of duty held by The Queen, not only by age, but in length of service to the UK, Commonwealth and Overseas Territories including the Isle of Man.

    Her Majesty is known as the Lord of Mann, a title that reflects the history between the English Crown and the Isle of Man, a connection which dates back to the 14th century. Her Majesty’s first visit to the island as Lord of Mann was in 1955 and she has returned several times during her reign to visit the Manx people. Her Platinum Jubilee is a time of great celebration on the Isle of Man and across the world.

    Please note that image of the coins from the website may slightly differ in person


    Country of Issue: Isle of Man

    Year of Issue: 2022

    Diameter: 27.3mm

    Weight: 8g

    Metal: Cupro-Nickel

    Finish: Circulating

    Denomination: Fifty Pence

    Obverse: Jody Clark

    Reverse: Tom Meek

    Limited Edition

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