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The Kneale Archives Commemorative Sheetlet

A complete set of the 'The Kneale Archives' housed inside a folder with colourful and vibrant cover design.


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Product Code: ACG64

Product Description
  • Inside, you'll find more information about Nigel Kneale as well as the subjects and films featured on the stamps, which are all beautifully designed, including an original illustration by Bryan Kneale RA (Nigel Kneale's brother).

    Sheetlet  190 x 145mm
    Sheetlet stamps 52.50 x 39.97mm
    Mint Set stamps 54 x 40mm

    To add to the collection's uniqueness, all of the stamps (on both sheets and sheetlets) include:

    • A different typeface for the phrase "Isle of Man"
    • Icons that relates to the theme of the stamp
    • Set Stamps (54 x 40mm) and Sheetlet stamps (52.50 x 39.97mm) slightly differ in size
    • Hidden messages that can only be seen with a UV light

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