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The Liberation of Europe WW II Set (Mint)

This set of 10 stamps celebrates 'The Liberation of Europe - WW II'. The collection focuses on two different events within the liberation of Europe:
5 stamps represent the heroic D-Day landings in its eightieth anniversary year titled ‘D-Day 80 – The Road to Paris’
5 stamps narrate the events of ‘Operation Market Garden’ with reference to three Manx soldiers who fought in the campaign.


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Product Code: ADF31

Product Description
  • These 10 stamps focus on two different events within 'The Liberation of Europe" during World War II:

    The first five stamps depict the ground-breaking Normandy landings of June 1944, advancing through to the liberation of Paris. The first stamp in this collection features footage captured on D-Day by Manxman Norman Clague of the Army Film and Photographic Unit, used for the first time upon a stamp.

    Stamp 1, Glider at Pegasus Bridge: Shot by Norman Clague, this image displays the Allied gliders landing at Pegasus Bridge, the first key objective to be captured on D-Day. Gliders were used by paratroopers as an airborne means of transporting troops as part of the invasion. The 2024 Treasury D-Day 50p coin set also features a coin on the gliders.

    Stamp 2, Sword Beach Landings: An instantly recognisable image from the D-Day landings, troops disembark a landing craft as they invade Sword beach, one of five beaches and points of entry back on to mainland Europe.

    Stamp 3, Omaha Beach: Picturing the masses of Allied troops as they progress in-land having successfully captured the beaches, this stamp displays the size and scale of the operation.

    Stamp 4, News Reaches Home: An RAF soldier is seen in a civilian crowd scene reading a newspaper with the headline ‘Allies invade France’.

    Stamp 5, Liberation of Paris: Winston Churchill and French Resistance leader and future president of France Charles De Gaulle parade down the Arc de Triomphe as the allied advance reaches Paris, the first capital city to be liberated after 4 years of occupation.

    The second (bottom) row of five stamps studies Operation Market Garden, the bold Allied military endeavour to hasten the end of the conflict by securing key bridges and establishing a direct route into Germany through the Netherlands.

    Stamp 1, Flying Officer J E Clague: A key aspect of the operation was the involvement of paratroopers who were dropped into combat from Stirling Mk IV aircraft. Manxman J E Clague was part of a crew of six aboard an aircraft that was shot down over Arnhem, resulting in his capture. Clague was then a prisoner of war until the end of the war when he returned to the Island to run his family grocery shop in Port Erin. The stamp image features the Waalbrug Bridge at Nijmegen. Imagery of Nijmegen’s bridges is strongly associated to the battle and are symbolic of Allied efforts during Operation Market Garden.

    Stamp 2, Major RH Cain VC: Around 10,000 men from Major-General Roy Urquhart's 1st British Airborne Division and 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade landed at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden to capture a key bridge over the Rhine. This stamp also displays Major Cain VC, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroic efforts at Arnhem.

    Stamp 3, Private Robert Cojeen: The third Manxman pictured to have fought at Arnhem, Private Robert Cojeen was a member a 2-inch mortar team in 12 Platoon fighting near Anrhem. He acted as a guide during the evacuation of the operation before returning to the Island to his former occupation as a plumber at the end of war. The image pictures British Sherman tanks crossing the River Meuse over the Grave Bridge on the road to Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1944. 

    Stamp 4, Flood Combat at Elst: The surrounding land was flooded by Axis forces to slow the allied advance. This stamp pictures Sergeant R Raitley and Private G B Ball among the floods south of Arnhem at Elst, September 1944.

    Stamp 5, Liberation of Eindhoven: One victory of Operation Market Garden was the liberation of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. This stamp pictures residents of Eindhoven celebrating the arrival of the Allies as they march on and continue through the Netherlands.

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