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The Triskelion Collection Full Sheet Set Wrapped

A perfect memento of the Isle of Man's FIRST EVER issue featuring the cypher of King Charles III, Lord of Mann. All beautifully wrapped in a card with information about the Island's oldest national triskelion symbol and a certificate of authenticity.


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Product Code: ACE70

Product Description

    Images and Design EJC Design
    Text Isle of Man Post Office
    Printer bpost
    Process Offset lithography
    Colours 4
    Paper Gummed FSC Securpost 110 GPW
    Perforations 11.5 per 2cm
    Stamp Size 40 x 31.66mm
    Format 1 x Sheet of 20 (5 x sets of 4)
    Date of Issue 6th January 2023
    Limited Editions Presentation Pack 1100; First Day Cover 150

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