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The Works of Michele Tramontana Set & Sheet Set

A delightful set of six stamps, beautifully illustrated by self-taught artist Michele Tramontana who has lived on the Island for over 50 years

Product Description
  • These six vibrant paintings have been created by Michele Tramontana, capturing the mystery of light and shadow, and the moods of nature in his stunning works of art.

    Still Waiting: Whilst painting this scene a fisherman tied the dog to the post whilst he went to do repairs on his boat. Two hours later the dog was still there looking at me so I decided to include him in the painting, making the dog the focal point.


    Sun Setting Peel: Peel is an ‘oldie world’ for an artist like myself. I love the castle and the movement of the fishing boats. I painted this picture in the late afternoon sunlight.


    Douglas Harbour: A mix of old and new with the marina full of different boats yachts, motor boats etc. making it a very challenging and interesting subject.


    Low-tide Castletown: I love this location as it gets me close to the boats and with the castle in the background it makes this a perfect backdrop and subject to paint.


    Ramsey Upper Harbour: Painting sky's is a passion of mine, especially in autumn and winter as it can be much more dramatic. This being a good example.


    Sun Setting Port Erin: Port Erin holds a special place in my heart as this was where I first stayed for two years after arriving in 1966. Painting Port Erin bay at sunset is a privilege and makes me feel humbled by its beauty.

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