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Turning Point – The Battle of El Alamein Set

Ivor Ramsden MBE, Director of the Manx Aviation & Military Museum, meticulously chose the images featured on the set, which beautifully depicts the Battle of El Alamein.

Product Description
  • Featured on the collection are: 

    General Bernard Montgomery (80p)

    General Bernard Law Montgomery (1887-1976) was commissioned in the British Army in 1908. He survived serious wounds in the First World War and took over command of the British 8th Army in the Western Desert in August 1942. In paying regular visits to the troops in the front line and talking to them man-to-man he became very popular and was a great morale booster. The turning of the tide may well have taken longer without him.

    Bofors Gun (£1.51)

    The Swedish-designed Bofors gun was the British Army’s light anti-aircraft gun throughout WW2 and played a key role in the conflict. Firing a shell weighing about 2 pounds (1 kilo) at a rate of 120 rounds per minute it was a formidable weapon and was easily maneuverable.

    Desert Tanks (£1.92)

    The American-built M4 Sherman first saw action in the Second Battle of El Alamein. Only about 250 were available but they made a significant contribution to the allied success. Subsequently many thousands were used by the allies in all theatres of war.

    The Manx Regiment (£2.00)

    During a lull in the fighting and awaiting their next call to action, Albert Bridge, Charlie Palmer and Thomas Russell of the 15th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment are playing dominoes and smoking “V”s cigarettes alongside their Bofors gun.

    Manx Regiment Sergeant Thomas Douglas Russell hailed from Ramsey Isle of Man. His diary is now in the Museum's collection and has been used as research and source material for this issue. 

    El Alamein Road Sign

    Two oil drums, two wooden posts, a sheet of corrugated iron and a pot of paint are the simple components which make one of the most instantly recognisable images of the desert war.  

    Sheet Set contains 20 stamps.

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