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Welcome to our News Centre which provides press releases for general interest. For full press release with technical details and high-resolution product images for publicity purposes please see our Media Centre.

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A Chance to Own Two Steve Hislop Memorial Coin Boards Signed by Motorbike Racing Royalty

The Isle or Man Post Office Will be Auctioning Two Steve Hislop Memorial Coin Boards to Raise Funds For The TT Riders Association

One small step for mankind one giant coup for Isle of Man Apollo stamps

Buzz Aldrin admires our 'One Small Step' Stamp collection.

We recently had the chance to present our 'One Small Step' Moon landing Stamps at Starmus Festival in Zürich, Switzerland which of course was all about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

Yindyssagh! Wonderful!

To celebrate our Greetings in Manx Stamps we recently visited the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh in St Johns together with ITV Granada Reports. We had the chance to observe a full geography lecture, held in Manx Gaelic, and to interview teacher Adrian Caine and some of the children for ITV Granada Report.

Hislop Presentation Boards are being signed by TT Riders and VIPs for charitable cause

Presentation Boards of the 30th Anniversary £2 Hislop Coins are being signed by TT Riders and VIPs to be auctioned off in support of the TT Riders Association

59 Club presented with framed 60th anniversary limited edition cover

Today we proudly presented 59 Club with a framed cover of the 60th anniversary limited edition cover at the TT Grandstand.

Connor Hislop presented with special numbers of the Limited Edition Steve Hislop Coin & Stamp Gift Pack

While weather conditions are challenging for this year's Isle of Man TT riders, participants and spectators alike, we took the opportunity to present the Hislop family, represented by Steve's son Connor Hislop, with three special numbered editions of the limited Coin & Stamp Gift Pack.


One of the greatest TT achievements of all time is being celebrated in an impressive new set of coins (Issue date: 31st May 2019).

Thirty years after he broke the 120mph barrier around the world-famous course, Steve Hislop's record-breaking Formula One triumph is remembered.


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