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Today we held our traditional Remembrance Service

The service was led by our colleague Stephen Webster, a former Royal British Legion National Standard bearer and the wreaths were placed by Sue Gale and Tommy Crowe. World War 1 poems were read by Sue Corkill and Kevin Christian and the Last Post and Reveille was played by Brian Osborn of Castletown Silver Band.

The World War 1 memorial tablet was created by the great Archibald Knox and the inscription reads as follows:
In grateful memory of W. N. Hughes, P. H. Hunter, G. E. Kelly, W. S. Kennaugh, J. Kennedy, J. J. Shimmin. Members of the Staff of the I O.M. Post Office, who gave their lives, and a Testimony to others who fought in the Great War, 1914-1919."
Unselfish. Unafraid.

The World War II memorial tablet reads
In Grateful Remembrance of Thomas Gilmour Gale, George Slack, John Thomas, Norman Lewis Young who made the Supreme Sacrifice 1939-1945

Both plaques were purchased by the staff of the GPO (General Post Office) in memory of the fallen. The present Post Office staff take great pride in both memorials and a moving remembrance service is held in front of them each year.

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