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Back to the Moon Stamp Issue Completes Trilogy of Studying Humanity in Space

Date: Friday 27th October 2023

Back to the Moon Stamp Issue Completes Trilogy of Studying Humanity in Space


Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) introduces a set of eight stamps visualizing humanity’s return and future on - but more accurately in the Moon. The issue completes a trilogy of stamps following the ‘One Small Step’ (2019) and ‘One Giant Leap’ (2020) collections and focuses on the current achievements as well as vividly narrating what the future will hold for humankind.

Issue text author Chris Stott, sharply describes the vision that will rapidly turn into fact with India’s recently successful landing at the South Pole of the Moon whilst the United States are currently preparing three missions for launch. In total more than 130 missions from over twenty nations are scheduled for return to the Moon in the next decade, including Britain and the Isle of Man. 

Three of the eight stamps are valued at 80p with a focus on the technology that will take Nasa’s astronauts back to the moon: Artemis & Orion, as well as Lone Alpha: a Manx creation and the first data centre that will connect Earth and the Moon. The remaining five stamps are valued at £1.28 (x3), £1.51 and £2.31: these stamps focus on humanity on the moon, using augmented reality to picture a future of humans inhabiting the moon.    

Chris Stott, CEO of Lonestar Lunar said: "Humanity is returning to the Moon and this time to stay. As ever, Manx companies and Manx people are at the forefront of this new settlement of space and this set of eight stamps impressively paints a clear picture of the future we all dreamt of, the future that finally is here."

Maxine Cannon, General Manager of Isle of Man Stamps & Coins said: “These stunning images complete a very special trilogy of stamps, celebrating and narrating the past, the present and the future of humanity’s relationship with space and the Moon in particular. We are delighted to have been able to capture some of the steps along the way through our stamps and very proud that Isle of Man technology will be part of future missions to the Moon and space.

The collection will be available as Set, Sheet Set, Presentation Pack and First Day Cover. Visit to see the full range of products and available products from ‘One Small Step’ and ‘One Giant Leap’.

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