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Isle of Man by Doug Canepa

We, here at the Isle of Man Post Office and in particular the Stamps & Coins division, love our beautiful Island. We are constantly trying to share our Manx love and passion and our Island's values with the world. Over the years we have built some very special relationships through Numismatics and Philately and we cherish these lasting friendships.


One of the long lasting connections is with Manx born Doug Canepa and his wife Jo, who live in Australia. Our very own Maxine Cannon first met them at a stamp expo in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 - Doug has been a collector since 1973.


Doug's family left the Island after his dad, an officer on the IOM Steam Packet Company, sadly passed away at a very young age. His love for the land of his birth has never waned and he has returned to visit whenever possible. Over the years Doug and Jo, who are also members of the Victorian Manx Society, have extended a hand of friendship to many Manxies visiting Victoria.


Doug sent this beautiful poem to Maxine a few days ago and we love how it captures his passion for our Island. With his permission we wanted to share it with you all.


Stay safe and healthy and take care!

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