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Isle of Man Post Office creates unique celebration of the RAF Red Arrows’ 50th Display Season

The Isle of Man Post Office has created a unique tribute to the RAF Red Arrows; a limited edition gift pack which includes a special First Day Cover with a gold foil 50th anniversary postmark and a DVD filled with spectacular action footage.

Working with the world-famous aerobatic display team, the Isle of Man Post Office released a set of six stunning stamps to mark the Red Arrows' 50th display season in 2014. The DVD compilation and postal tribute includes all six stamps, on a specially-designed First Day Cover, and an exclusive DVD.

Presented in a folder illustrated with breath-taking photographs of the team's displays, the DVD compilation and postal tributes, which are strictly limited to 1,000 and individually numbered, will make the perfect Christmas gift.

The DVD features two films of the RAF Red Arrows.

The first shows the team in action in the skies over the Isle of Man during the 2014 Isle of Man TT. It is a wonderful keepsake for anyone lucky enough to witness the displays above Ramsey and Douglas on 3rd June, and essential viewing for all Red Arrows' enthusiasts. As well as displaying the beauty of our Island, the film shows many of the team's famous manoeuvres, with on-screen graphics detailing each. Expert commentary is courtesy of former Isle of Man Lieutenant Governor and RAF veteran Air Marshal Sir Ian Macfadyen.

The second exclusive film takes you behind the scenes as the Red Arrows prepare for action, and then allows you to accompany them in the air thanks to cameras specially mounted inside the aircraft cockpits. The atmospheric footage, from the RAF's own archives and never previously released, gives you a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a Red Arrows pilot, and the unique opportunity to experience the famous display manoeuvres from the pilot's-eye view.

Also included is a First Day Cover featuring the complete set of Isle of Man Post Office stamps marking the 50th display season of the Red Arrows. The stamps are arranged to reflect one of the famous display formations and the envelope contains an illustrated card with details of the team's fascinating history.

The folder containing the DVD and First Day Cover is filled with photographs supplied by the Royal Air Force, and includes a contribution from Squadron Leader Jim Turner, who was the RAF Red Arrows' Team Leader and Red 1 during 2014.

Maxine Cannon, General Manager, Isle of Man Stamps & Coins, said: "It was a great honour to be able to mark the 50th display season of the Red Arrows, and this unique DVD compilation and postal tribute is the perfect celebration. The exclusive footage is spectacular, and needs to be watched over and over again."

"I was lucky enough to see the displays during the TT, and it is incredible to relive them with the benefit of Sir Ian's expert commentary. To then be able to watch the team prepare for action and even experience what it is like to fly with the Red Arrows from inside the cockpit is magical."

"This DVD compilation and postal tribute is an absolute must, and would make a brilliant present this Christmas."

The limited edition DVD compilation and postal tribute, costing £20.00, can be ordered now from

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