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In celebration of the Year of Our Island 2018, the Isle of Man Post Office commissioned a set of ten stamps featuring key activities, pastimes, culture, landscape and heritage on the Island.

The Year of Our Island 2018 is an Isle of Man Government initiative, which aims to celebrate and value the Island's environment, culture, heritage and community. It is also a reminder to those living on the Isle of Man to explore more and enjoy all of these benefits, which enhances their quality of life, health and well-being.

In the issue text which accompanies the stamp collection, Chairman of Year of Our Island, Minister for Policy and Reform, Chris Thomas MHK said, "This year is about championing existing events, activities and the sense of community that already exists on our Island; as well as encouraging people to explore more, do more and share more. We want people to make the most of what already exists, whether it's visiting our striking glens and beaches, joining in with our community groups, taking part in sporting and cultural events or volunteering time to maintain, support or enhance our natural and built environment."

Year of Our Island 2018 was inspired and informed by the recent UNESCO World Biosphere status which was awarded to the Island in 2016. The 'man and the biosphere' status celebrates the Island's land and seascape, as well as the people living in and enjoying the environment. The Biospheres status is about balancing a vibrant community, valued environment and resilient economy, and at the same time remaining a special place for people and nature.

Julie Edge MHK, Chairman of Isle of Man Post Office said, "Being Manx, I take pride in living on the Island which is so rich and diverse in its landscape, culture and heritage offering. The Year of Our Island is a celebration of what we have on our doorsteps and what better way to mark this occasion than some of our special places featured on a set of new stamps."

The stamp collection features some iconic images of the Island including TT Fireworks, Manx Telecom Parish Walk, Niarbyl Cottage, sunset at Peel and The Lonan Cross. The Niarbyl Coast stamp (EU Value) is Isle of Man Post Office' contribution to the Small European Postal Administrations Cooperation (SEPAC) 'Spectacular Views project 2018.
The issue date for the Year of Our Island stamp collection is 10th April 2018. The collection includes mint and CTO set of stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack and easy to handle Self-adhesive Stamp Booklet, Set Mint and Set CTO, which are all available for pre-order online

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