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Millennium Tapestry issue date 10th April 2015 - Queens Head Europa sheet error

Isle of Man Post Office has had it brought to their attention by one of its collectors in Germany, that there is an error on the Europa 2015 'Old Toys' EU stamp featured on the gummed sheet of 10 stamps when compared to the identical stamp featured on the Millennium Tapestry gummed sheet of 50.

The error is in the size of the Queens Head which appears larger on the Europa sheet when matched with the Millennium Tapestry sheet. In order to make the error available to collectors the Post Office has a product code TF11 mint and TF61 cancel to order (cto) priced at £1.54 which contains an example from each sheet. The full Europa pictorial sheet of 10 stamps is also available priced at £7.70 code TF68 mint and TF69 cto. We will not be producing a postmarked cover or presentation pack for this.

The Queens Head error is consistent throughout the print run of Europa sheets. The item can be ordered via our normal sales channels but it will not be despatched as a standing order item.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and if you wish to return this item we will be happy to re-credit your account.

Thank you for your continued interest in Isle of Man Stamps & Coins.

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