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New addition for Peel Leece Museum

Pictured next to the P11 Wanderer crew memorial in Peel, is Isle of Man Post Offices Sarah Read presenting Roy Baker, Curator of the Leece Museum in Peel with a framed cover depicting the curious tale of RMS Lusitania and the P11 Wanderer. Isle of Man Post Office elected to present this to Roy and the Museum to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Lusitania liner and daring rescue by crew of the P11 that ensued. Commenting on the presenting of the frame Roy Baker said: "It's both an honour and a privilege to receive this stunning 100th Anniversary RMS Lusitania framed cover from the Isle of Man Post Office who has chosen the Leece Museum to house it. The special collectible which beautifully depicts an image of the RMS Lusitania with the Peel P11 Wanderer using the artworks of talented local artist John Halsall will be displayed in the Museum for all our visitors to see."

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