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New Isle of Man stamps display the Queen in all her Pomp and Circumstance

To view the Pomp and Circumstance stamp issue or to pre-order click here

Isle of Man Post Office is proud to present a set of eight stunning stamps that celebrate the nation's much-loved British monarch and depict some of Her Majesty the Queen's most important ceremonial occasions during her long reign. The stamps are due for issue on June 18.

Queen Elizabeth II undertook her first significant ceremonial occasion upon her coronation, which took place in Westminster Abbey at 12.33pm on June, 2, 1953, to become the 39th Sovereign and sixth Queen to be crowned in her own right by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Broadcast on TV for the very first time, at the Queen's request, the ceremony displayed all the pomp and circumstance for which Britain has become renowned.

Since this, the Queen during her reign has gone on to mark a series of landmarks, including the investiture of her eldest son, Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales on July 1, 1969 at Caernarfon Castle. She has also celebrated her Silver, Gold and Diamond Jubilees with street parties, pageants and pop concerts.

The Queen's popularity was cemented during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 which began at Epsom Derby and ended at Buckingham Palace with the RAF flying past featuring the Red Arrows.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was marked with a spectacular central weekend, a series of regional tours throughout the United Kingdom by Her Majesty and Commonwealth visits undertaken by other members of the Royal Family in support of Her Majesty.

The set of eight opulent stamps picture Queen Elizabeth II at some of her most important ceremonial occasions during her long reign, and include: Her Majesty's Coronation, The Investiture of Prince Charles, Trooping the Colour, The Diamond, Gold and Silver Jubilees, State Opening of Parliament and Order of the Garter. Details of each occasion are also struck in an affluent gold typeset and the stamps have been described by His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood as a beautiful issue which "captures images through a long reign dedicated to service that will evoke many memories."

President of Tynwald, the Hon Clare Christian MLC said: "Isle of Man Post Office is to be congratulated on bringing out this well presented collection of stamps reflecting significant ceremonial and historic events during the distinguished 63 year reign of Her Majesty. Widely admired for the manner in which she carries out her duties, this is a fitting tribute to the continuing long service of Queen Elizabeth II Lord of Man"

Claudia Joseph, Journalist and producer of the stamp issue text said: "These stamps celebrate the reign of Britain's best-loved monarch. It is fitting that they are being released at such a significant time in the Queen's reign."

To view the Pomp and Circumstance stamp issue or to pre-order click here

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