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You can always rely on the Family of the Isle of Man Post Office!

Faye Pullan is one of those members of a traditional postie family, Faye herself has manned our stand during TT week before leaving to go to college.

For our Christmas stamp release 'A Beano Christmas on the Isle of Man' part of the product range was produced in Dublin. Faye who now lives in Northern Ireland was travelling over to see Uncle Lee who works in POHQ , Uncle Mark who is a postie in Peel and don't forget Grandma Joyce , who along with Mum Charlotte and Auntie Jan all formally worked in the Philatelic Bureau.
En route she collected a few sample sheets to bring over to Stamps & Coins.
She is pictured with her partner Robert and "Uncle Paul the Postman " complete with his hand knitted Dennis tie , no not another member of the family but you might just see a resemblance on our Beano Christmas stamps .

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