Business Reply and Freepost

Business Reply and Freepost

Need a written response to your customer letters? Business Reply or Freepost could be the solution.

What is Business Reply?

By supplying a 'prepaid' envelope, Business Reply is a quick and convenient way for your customers and other stakeholders to respond to your mailings. Simply include a Business Reply card or envelope with your mailing, and only pay postage for the responses you receive.

This service is available to local and international mailings via International Business Reply Licence.

What is Freepost?

A convenient and cost-effective way for your customers to respond to you.

Freepost enables you to obtain responses from your customers and other stakeholders by simply providing a Freepost address, without them needing to pay the postage. This service is only available for replies posted in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

There is no minimum quantity required and you will only cover the costs for the items received.

Terms and conditions and other related documents for these services can be located below.

We recommend setting up a direct debit instruction to cover the ongoing campaign costs for these services.


Contact our Customer Services team on 01624 664664 and we’ll process your request over the phone

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