Other Services

Other Services

Our franking and fulfillment services will help save vital office time and cut costs.


A franking good way to cut costs

Franking your company mail can take up vital office resources and mid-day cut off times could mean important communications are delayed by up to 24 hours.

With our franking service, we collect your mail from your office at close of business, weigh, zone, frank and despatch mail into the domestic and/or international mail stream on the same day – and that's guaranteed.

We also offer an ad-hoc service should your business need support as a one off or during busy times.


We'll fulfil your every need, including controlling the cost

We combined our unrivalled industry expertise and unique proximity to the island's outgoing mail to fulfil your every need, including controlling the cost.

Fulfilment is a fast and inexpensive way to assemble mailings and free-up your staff to continue with business-critical tasks.

Our specialist machinery digitally prints your mail and envelops single, variable or multi-page personalised documentation with up to six inserts into DL, C5 or C4 sized envelopes, sealing and addressing them during the operation.

To increase desktop impact we can also provide personalised printed envelopes.

Get your message onto people's desks, opened and acted on.

Business Continuity

Nobody likes to think about disasters affecting a business but if the worst happens we all need a Business Continuity Strategy to ensure continued service and minimise any negative impact. We can provide a complete mail back-up service, secure to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 to help whatever happens. 

No business can afford its mail flow to falter

We all use email but post is still the primary means of communication for businesses and any significant disruption to mail flow can threaten your survival. We can provide a mail back-up service on a contractual basis for seamless support in the event of a disaster or emergency such as a fire or flood, ensuring that your incoming and outgoing mail is maintained.

The continuity of our own business is also well protected

IMS division of Isle of Man Post Office occupy an offsite disaster recovery facility, 15 minutes drive from our Headquarters. Our real-time data back-up facility is tested three to four times a year to ensure our network will be fully functional within 4 hours of your arrival and the continuity of your customer services.

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