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MiCard Replacement 2019

Why? All existing MiCards are valid until 31st December 2019 and need to be renewed to guarantee the ongoing security and quality of the MiCard service. Additionally, the replacement will ensure that the personal data held to accommodate the pension and benefit payments remain accurate and up to date. 

What does a MiCard holder need to do? A 'replacement letter' from Social Security with all the relevant information will be posted to each MiCard holder at the appropriate time. Once received the MiCard replacement letter, the MiCard holder will need to take the letter, as well as the additional information state in the letter, to the post office.

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MiCard uses state of the art, secure technology to ensure you get exactly what you are entitled to, when you are entitled to it:

How MiCard works

What happens next if you collect your pension or benefit from the Post Office?

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Case Study

Learn how Escher Group helped Isle of Man Post Office provide pioneering digital government disbursement services. You can read the case study below in Related Downloads.

If you would like any further assistance, please call Social Security on 686297.

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