Dog Awareness Week 2022

Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) would like to announce Dog Awareness Week 2022, w/c 4th July. It is an initiative supported by CWU (Communication Workers Union) to generate more vigilance and highlight the challenges that postal staff and delivery drivers face on a daily basis on their postal rounds.

There have been over 40 dog attacks recorded by IOMPO on postal workers in the last 5 years, and many, many more misses. Some of the attacks have led to severe life changing injury, medical treatment and extended sick absence. In the UK, Royal Mail records six postal workers attacked by dogs every working day of the year.

Top tips for dog owners

Even the most lovable, well behaved dog can become a danger to a postal worker when they arrive at your door. Dogs are known for their territorial nature, and if they feel that they need to protect you and your family, they can become unpredictable.

Here are some ideas to keep your postal worker safe on the job:

-       Ensure that your dog is out of the way before the postal worker arrives at your property. Place your pet/pets in the back garden or a faraway room to ensure safe delivery of post.

-       Never open the door when your dog is behind you. Dog attacks happen when you’ve opened the door in a hurry to sign an item.

-       When keeping your dog in another room, please ensure your children are not able to open the door with your dog, as dogs can easily barge past your child and attack.

-       If you have a back garden, please close off any access to it, in case your dog is able to get around to the front of your property when the postal worker arrives.

-       If your dog loves toys, give them one, or a treat to keep them occupied while your mail is being delivered.

-       Wait for 10 minutes after your mail has arrived to let your pet back into your hallway. Keep a cool, calm environment.

-       If your dog has a history of attacking the mail as it comes through the letterbox, consider installing a mail box, or a wire letter receptacle. It will not only protect your mail, but also the postal workers fingers.

-       If it’s not possible, or practical for you to keep your dog away from a postal worker delivering your mail, please consider fitting a secure mailbox on the edge of your property, easily accessible to leave packages in.

-       Please also ensure that your dog has been microchipped which is kept up to date, whilst also wearing a collar and tag with your contact details.

The Mails Management Team said: “Being aware of dogs in and around properties is essential in keeping you safe and healthy, as dog bites are one of the more common hazards to postal and parcel delivery persons. Constant awareness of your surroundings is the first and best step to prevent this and most other injuries.”

A CWU member said: ‘Please don’t take the assumption that your dog is friendly to all. Dogs are very territorial and a Post person is not someone they tend to meet every day. Don’t take the chance that your dog won’t attack the Post person, make sure they are under control at all times’.

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