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Circulating Quality 2020 Peter Pan Six 50p Coin Collection

The Isle of Man Post Office, a statutory board of the Isle of Man Government is pleased to offer this set of circulating quality Peter Pan coins to our collectors. These are supplied in soft protective wallets.
**Circulating quality version** Coins have not been in circulation.


£24.75 inc. VAT


Product Code: AI64

Product Description
  • The Isle of Man Post Office, a statutory board of the Isle of Man Government, is pleased to offer this set to our collectors.

    Each of the coins in these wonderful collections is dedicated to the following favourite characters from the story, alongside a well-known and much loved quote from the book.

    • Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – "Do you believe in fairies?"
    • The Mermaids - "Oh! To see a mermaid."
    • Smee - "One could mention many loveable traits in Smee."
    • The Jolly Roger Ship -  "The Jolly Roger, lay, low in the water."
    • Peter Pan at the window -  "He came to the window to listen to stories"
    • Tinker Bell - "Tink was not all bad, sometimes she was all good"

    Our set of six circulating quality coins is provided in individual wallets.

    Size (mm) : 27.30

    Rim Finish: plain

    Metal: Cupro Nickel

    Finish: Uncirculated Circulating Quality

    We reserve the right to limit or modify orders should the need arise.

    Can have contact marks, toning and edge imperfections.

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