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Platinum Jubilee - Imperforate/Printers Sheets

A very special selection of limited edition printers sheets products

Product Description
  • Platinum Jubilee Prestige Booklet Imperforate Printers Sheet

    This uncut imperforate pane includes all four booklet panes featured within this collection's prestige booklet and is strictly limited to just 70 sheets. 

    For our royal thematic collectors, this sheet is a must. The panes share an anthology of standout Isle of Man royal stamp issues, combining three panes of previously released jubilee and anniversary stamps; 40th Anniversary and Golden Jubilee, The Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee and The Diamond Jubilee and 65th Anniversary.

    Each sheet is hand numbered and complete with a certificate of authenticity.

    **sheet is approx. 70 cm by 50 cm**

    Platinum Jubilee - Imperforate Sheet Set

    A new special release of imperforate sheets, featuring each sheet from the collection on one sheet. Each uncut sheet features eight of each individual stamp designs against a regal purple and platinum background and the featured photograph of Her Majesty.

    Each sheet is hand numbered and this release is limited to just 70 editions, making this a very special product. These sheets are exactly what rolls off the printer's press and foiling machines. You will see the colour bars and grips left in place on every sheet. Unsurprisingly these are very rarely released, making this a truly exceptional collectable for the momentous occasion of the Platinum Jubilee. 

    **sheet is approx. 70 cm by 50 cm**

    Platinum Jubilee - Imperforate Booklet Panes

    A special release of imperforate booklet panes, featuring each of our Jubilee stamps from the Silver Jubilee in 1977 through to the Platinum Jubilee of 2022.

    Across the four stamp panes we have reproduced some of our stamps issued previously, capture in period the character and activities undertaken by H M The Queen Lord of Mann.

    For any philatelic enthusiasts, this special limited edition is ideal for framing. Worthy to the proudly displayed. 

    Presented against a regal purple and silver background, this perfectly represents two monumental occasions in history.

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