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HM Queen Elizabeth II Postal Tribute Collection

A special tribute sheet celebrating the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Product Description
  • This special collection contains: 

    1. Queen Elizabeth II Tribute Sheet

    A sheet that provides a nostalgic recount of Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne through previously issued Isle of Man postal stamps from 1973 – 2022. The stamps selected cover the many highlights of Her Majesty as Lord of Mann within our stamps, featuring four regional stamps issued by the GPO, continuing to 1973, when the Isle of Man gained postal independence. This sheet is a great example of Isle of Man postal history.

    The sheet features the following stamps, selected to present a selection of various images of Her Majesty’s reign as seen through Isle of Man stamps.

    • £5, The Queen’s Portrait, 1983
    • 15p, Royal Birthdays, 1986
    • £2, HM Queen Trooping The Colour, 1988
    • 18p, 40th Anniversary of the Accession of HM Queen, 1992
    • £1, The Golden Wedding, 1997
    • 4 x 50p, The Golden Wedding, 1997
    • 4 x Various values, Postal History 1952-76, 2001
    • 2 x (40p & 65p), The Golden Jubilee: The Daily Life of the Queen by Michael Noakes, 2001
    • 2 x (50p & £1) The Golden Jubilee: Royal Paintings and Sculpture, 2001
    • 50p, The Golden Jubilee: Royal Paintings and Sculpture, 2002
    • 60p, The Diamond Wedding, 2007
    • £1.55 pre-paid, Queen Elizabeth II York Minster Statue, 2022. Recently unveiled monument

    2. In Memoriam HM Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022 Sheetlet (not sold separately)

    A sheetlet of stamps commemorating the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the unwavering service she provided throughout a 70 year reign on the throne.

    • £2 Stamp – First issued in 1981 in the new high value definitive issue
    • £1.24 – Issued in 2016 as part of the Long To Reign Over Us collection
    • 44p – Displaying the investiture of King Charles III, from the 2015 Pomp and Circumstance issue
    • £2.33 – Her Majesty pictured alongside the Duke of Edinburgh from the 2017 Sapphire Jubilee collection
    • 80p – Issued in 2006 celebrating eighty years of Her Majesty’s duty and service
    • £1.24 – Also from the 2015 Pomp and Circumstance issue, picturing The Queen at her Diamond Jubilee.

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