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Isle of Man £1 Banknote (Mint)

This is the first time that Isle of Man banknotes have been made available for sale in a Mint condition. When you purchase a banknote from us, you are guaranteed an uncirculated note, presented to you in a wallet to ensure the most pristine condition possible.


£5.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: AI12

Product Description
  • A pristine, mint condition £1 Isle of Man Banknote.

    The notes have prefix AA.

    The front has a pledge to honour the banknotes (the "promise to pay the bearer on demand") in the name of the Isle of Man Government, and features images of the Lord of Mann Queen Elizabeth II (not wearing a crown) and the triskelion (three legs emblem) and motto. The triskelion symbol is also used as a watermark. Each denomination features a different scene of the Island on its reverse side, with the £1 illlustrating Tynwald Hill.

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