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Maurice Gibb CBE First Day Cover

This First Day Cover for the postal tribute to Maurice Gibb CBE is a must have for Bee Gees fans and music lovers alike. This cover features all eight stamps of the collection along with a filler card rich in detail about Gibb's life and extraordinary career.


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Product Code: ADC91

Product Description
  • Presented on a stylish, high-quality envelope this First Day Cover features all eight stamps and is cancelled with a special post mark for the first day of issue, in this case the 29th of February 2024. A rare occasion and very collectable indeed, as it's only the second time in our 50 year history we have issued a collection on a this date. Inside you will find a filler card with detailed information about Maurice's life and career and further insights by recording engineer John Merchant and renowned music photographer Guido Karp, whose images feature on the stamps. 

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