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Maurice Gibb CBE Presentation Pack

All eight stamps of this collection are housed on a black mount, presented within a glossy four page folder packed with information about the talented Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer.


£11.11 inc. VAT


Product Code: ADC41

Product Description
  • This beautifully packaged souvenir is the perfect gift for philatelic collectors or fans of Maurice Gibb CBE or the Bee Gees. Featuring striking images captured by renowned photographer Guido Karp during the Bee Gees' iconic 1991 'High Civilization World Tour'. Karp along with recording engineer John Merchant provide insightful text which looks in more detail at the life and extraordinary career of Maurice Gibb CBE. It's a cherished keepsake that honours Maurice's remarkable legacy.  Don't miss out on this extraordinary tribute to a true icon.

    Limited Edition

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