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Peel Traditional Boats Set & Sheet Set

These beautiful stamps depict traditional boats in the Isle of Man. The issue features the artwork of Nicola Dixon, a well-known Manx artist who has painted nautical views of the Island for over thirty years.

Product Description
  • The selected artworks for this vibrant set of six stamps have been chosen from t-shirts, posters and logo designs created by artist Nicola Dixon for the Traditional Peel Boat Week Festival. Since 1994 Nicola's stunning artworks have formed the basis of the designs used for Traditional Peel Boat Week.

    Stamp 1 - 85p:

    Painted from the promenade in Peel, facing out to sea with the lighthouse in the foreground. Traditional fishing boats are seen at water during the festival.

    Stamp 2 - £1.28:

    Peel harbour and breakwater as seen from Peel castle. The coastline of the Island can be seen, as well as a parent with their dog and child at the breakwater.

    Stamp 3 - £ 151:

    Presented from the top of Peel hill, this painting displays all aspects of the village; the castle, headlands, beach and the breakwater.

    Stamp 4 - £1.60:

    This stamp depicts a closer view of the traditional boats that migrate to Peel for the festival. Beneath the water basking sharks can be seen, as often found in Manx waters throughout summer months.

    Stamp 5 £2.31:

    A close up and detailed view as painted from the perspective of one of the visiting traditional fishing boats.

    Stamp 6 £3.21:

    As seen from the boats in Peel bay during a procession, seagulls can be seen perched on the fishing boat as crowds of onlookers watch on from the breakwater.

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