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RNLI 200 Supporters Pack

Indulge in our exclusive RNLI 200 Supporters Pack, a treasured collection celebrating maritime history. This meticulously curated set includes a First Day Cover, Prestige Booklet, and an elegant folder for safekeeping.


£29.95 inc. VAT


Product Code: ADA50

Product Description
  • For just £29.95, this limited-edition pack honours the RNLI's legacy. Buying these items individually costs £32.75, making this pack a special offer for collectors and supporters of maritime heritage. Embrace this unique opportunity and preserve the essence of two centuries of lifesaving valour at sea.

    Prestige Booklet

    This meticulously curated booklet offers an immersive journey through the RNLI's heroic legacy. Dive into the rich narrative detailing the founding by Sir William Hillary in 1824 and the evolution of five iconic Manx lifeboat stations, each elegantly showcased across its pages. Explore the bravery and gallantry etched in RNLI's history through archival imagery, gripping stories of rescue missions, and exclusive insights into maritime milestones.

    First Day Cover

    The First Day Cover for the RNLI 200 stamp collection is a treasure trove for maritime enthusiasts. Adorned with striking imagery and historical significance, this cover encapsulates the essence of the RNLI's 200-year journey. The stamps are also feature a cancellation for the first day of issue (4th January 2024), marking this historic moment in the RNLI's history.

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