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Space Philately

Collection Issue Date: 23rd November 2022

Commemorating Key Apollo Milestones

High-quality, unique and limited-edition space themed gifts. Perfect for lovers of all things Space!

Issue Information

Includes items from the following collections: 

  • 'One Small Step': Celebrating Apollo's 50th Anniversary - In commemoration of the anniversary of the moon landing, but also all the missions that led up to that one small step. 
  • One Giant Leap: Exploring the Moon and Space - Following 'One Small Step', the collection continues the story of NASA human space flight.

Collection Products

Moon landing – George Abbey Signed Cover
Moon landing – George Abbey Signed Cover

Product Issue Date: 21st July 2019

With only 500 available worldwide, this commemorative cover is exclusively signed by former center Director of NASA Johnson Space Center, George Abbey who was present when those famous words were spoken 'The eagle has landed'.

The cover features evocative black and white imagery captured from ground control during Apollo 11, two of the remarkable stamps from the 'One Small Step' collection which are complete with hidden coordinates, and complete with a unique one day only postmark dated 21.07.19 - the official moon landing date.

An incredibly rare opportunity to own what is expected to be a highly sought after and highly prized piece to mark 50 years of lunar exploration.

'One Small Step' Commemorative Sheetlet
'One Small Step' Commemorative Sheetlet

Product Code: XE64
Product Issue Date: 29th April 2019

In memory of Alan Bean
This special sheetlet includes the full eight stamp collection presented alongside astonishing imagery.
Featured also is three stamps from our 2009 issue which were prepared by the 4th man to walk the moon, Alan Bean who sadly passed away in May 2018.

Price: £10.25


Tim Peake Return to Earth Special Envelope
Tim Peake Return to Earth Special Envelope

Product Code: UA96
Product Issue Date: 18th June 2016

This stunning special cover marks British Astronaut Tim Peake's return to earth from his six month International Space Station (ISS) mission. Featuring two high definition pictures from the Royal Aeronautical Society 150th anniversary collection.

Limited Edition

Free Shipping

Price: £20.00



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