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Apollo XIII Jay Honeycutt Signed Cover

A strictly limited edition of only 500 worldwide, this exclusive cover will be hand-signed by Jay Honeycutt, who was a member of the highly skilled team that successfully rescued the Apollo XIII team.


£60.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: YC96

Product Description
  • We are proud and honoured to have worked with Jay Honeycutt, one of the key Mission Operations Team responsible for training and saving the crew of the stricken Apollo XIII craft, to produce this striking commemorative cover to mark the 50th Anniversary of the mission. The cover, which includes a certificate of authenticity confirming the  item has been personally signed by Jay also includes two specially commissioned gold postmarks recording the date Apollo 13 left Cape Canaveral and the historic return to earth on April 17th 1970.

    Jay has signed each copy in this limited edition of 500 that also features two of our Apollo XIII stamps from the One Giant Leap Issue.

    Also provided is an illustrative information card for which Jay has written an account for us of what happened at Mission Control in Houston when Jim Lovell radioed from the spacecraft with those now-familiar words - “Houston, we’ve had a problem here. We’ve had a Main B Bus under-volt”

    *The cover number you receive will be based on order priority.

    **Please note cover number 1 is for illustrative purposes only. Orders will receive a different number based on sequence

    Limited Edition

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