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Tynwald Week Photos by Martin Parr Prestige Booklet

Delve deeper in to Tynwald Week Photos by Martin Parr with this 28-page Prestige Booklet. This booklet is a treasure trove for collectors and photography enthusiasts, featuring the full issue text alongside an extensive collection of Martin Parr’s captivating images taken during his visit to the Isle of Man. The booklet is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring a premium look and feel that complements the artistry within.


£22.20 inc. VAT


Product Code: ADI71

Product Description
  • This item will be dispatched following the issue date on 29th June 2024.

    Inside, you'll find the full issue text and an extensive collection of Parr’s captivating images taken during his visit to the Isle of Man. These photographs, highlighting the unique celebrations and traditions of Tynwald Week, offer a rich visual journey through the event. Parr's photos within the booklet will be part of the upcoming 'Tynwald Week – Photos by Martin Parr' exhibition at the Manx Museum, making it an ideal keepsake for those planning to visit the exhibit or simply wanting to experience more of Parr’s insightful work.

    This premium collectable is priced only at the value of the postage contained within (two complete sets of the Tynwald Week Photos by Martin Parr stamps) making this excellent value for money. The two sets of stamps are displayed across four stamp panes within the booklet.

    Celebrate the blend of heritage and modern documentary photography with this prestige booklet.

    Prestige booklet dimensions: 190 x 125mm.

    The Stamps

    • 85p - Veteran at the Fair
    • 85p - Procession
    • £1.28 - Crazy Golf
    • £1.28 - Reenactment
    • £1.60 - Manx Bonnag
    • £1.60 - Isle of Man Cadets
    • £1.82 - Viking Crafts
    • £1.82 - Beating Retreat

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    Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Manx history told through the lens of Martin Parr. 

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