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Manx Winter Wildlife Set & Sheet Set

Six new stamps for Christmas 2023

Product Description
  • In this captivating stamp collection, Rowan has beautifully portrayed some of the Isle of Man's beloved animals and birds in their winter glory, set against the backdrop of the island's iconic landmarks. Discover each stamp:

    Cleeau-Yiarg - Robin at Old Ballaugh Church - Robins, a symbol of Christmas, with a historical connection to postmen known as 'Robin Red-breasts.' Featured here against the charm of Old Ballaugh Church, a historic site on the island.

    Keyrrey Loaghtyn - Loaghtan Sheep at Cregneash - The unique Manx Loaghtan sheep with their distinctive four (sometimes six) horns stamps amongst the historic Cregneash, a village steeped in Manx culture and history.

    Mwaagh ny Sleityn - Mountain Hare at Peel Castle - The elusive Mountain Hare and its habitat in upland areas. The hare is featured overlooking the historical Peel Castle, built by Vikings in the 11th century.

    Pibbin - Puffin at The Sound - Celebrate the return of Puffins to the Isle of Man with their vibrant bills and admire the scenic beauty of The Sound, the island's southern point.

    Kayt Manninagh - Manx Cat at Tynwald Hill - The unique Manx Cat with its distinctive tailless feature is depicted against a snowy Tynwald Hill, a symbol of the island's self-governing history.

    Raun - Seal in Laxey Bay - Dive into the world of Grey seals and Common seals that grace Manx shores and explore Laxey, a seaside village known for its iconic Laxey Wheel.

    Order your set today and let the magic of Manx Winter Wildlife adorn your philatelic treasure trove.

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