Postage Paid Impressions

Postage Paid Impressions

Commonly known as PPIs, postage paid impressions have long been a familiar and integral part of business mail.

Postage Paid Impressions

Postage Paid Impressions (PPIs) offer a convenient alternative for businesses to using stamps or franking machines to send mail.

To use a PPI mark, your business must first have an account with us. PPI marks can either be individually ink-stamped onto envelopes, or you can have envelopes pre-printed.

PPI marks can be used to send mail locally, to the UK, and internationally, and provide your business correspondence with a professional appearance. 

If you have a PPI ink stamp and would like to obtain a print-ready design in order to pre-print envelopes, contact our sales team on 01624 698444 to obtain a print-ready proof. Also for more information on PPIs and to set up your account please contact our sales team.


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