Preparing To Send Your Mail

Preparing To Send Your Mail

Preparing your mail properly helps us to get it there quickly and safely. The following guidelines show you exactly how to address and format your Isle of Man, UK and international mail.

Sending mail to the Isle of Man or UK

Sending mail to an international destination - excluding United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Sending mail to UAE

Delivery in the UAE is made to PO Boxes. By exception only, small parcels may be delivered to the physical address, as an upgrade with a fee, if agreed with the recipient and this is conditional to strict addressing criteria being met, i.e. a complete and full address including a mobile number. Please note, as there is zero de minimis on VAT, contact with the recipients is generally completed using SMS, phone call or WhatsApp hence mobile number is key. 

An example of a complete and full address including a PO Box and telephone number is below, i.e. the address must include the full town or village name as there are many identical street numbers and must include a telephone number, preferably a mobile number

Mr John Smith
PO Box 99999
054 994 1779

Customs Declarations

From Friday 1st January 2021, the requirement for accurate customs documentation for items containing goods sent to Rest of World addresses will also apply to European destinations and the Channel Islands. When mailing items containing goods to outside of the UK, you will need to accurately complete and sign a customs declaration. A CN22A/B should be used when sending items valued at less than £270, for items with a value higher than this a CN23 should be used.

For more information about customs declaration requirements please visit our dedicated page.

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