Letters, Large Letters & Small Parcels

Letters, Large Letters & Small Parcels

All mail posted from the Isle of Man is despatched on our dedicated aircraft into Royal Mail’s delivery network. Mail posted to the UK is first categorised as a Letter, Large Letter or Small Parcel, and then weighed to find the postage rate.

Letters, Large Letters & Small Parcels


C5+ envelope or smaller - up to 100g - up to 5mm thickness.

For example:

Letter Dimensions

Large Letters

C4+ or under - up to 750g – up to 25mm.

For example:Large Letter Dimensions

Small Parcels

Items over 353mm x 250mm x 25mm 
Up to 610mm x 460mm x 460mm - max weight 5kg

Maximum Packet Dimensions

Ideal for sending:


The maximum amount payable using the above services in the case of loss or damage is £20.00.

Certificate of Posting

You can obtain a Certificate of Posting free of charge when sending your item from any post office. This provides proof of posting, and is necessary should you wish to claim compensation for your item.

For increased compensation, signature on delivery and tracking, see our Signed For or Special Delivery services. Heavier mail can be posted using our Parcel services.

For more information contact our customer services team on 01624 664664 or download our price guide below.

***Please note, our postage calculator is currently offline but will be back up and running shortly***

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