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Platinum Jubilee - Edward Roberts Signed Special Cover

A very special and exciting new release of just 150 signed covers by Edward Roberts, designer of the official Queen's Platinum Jubilee logo.
**Dispatched from 15th June 2022**


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Product Code: ABC97

Product Description
  • We are delighted to share this limited edition of just 150 special signed covers produced in collaboration with Edward Roberts, designer of the official Queen’s Platinum Jubilee logo, created to commemorate this momentous occasion.

    The cover features four stamps from the Platinum Jubilee collection with four very special silver foil postmarks highlighting key events of the jubilee from 2nd – 5th June 2022. Each example is presented within a premium Platinum Jubilee themed wrap to protect this unique collectable – the perfect commemorative for this most historic of celebrations.  

    BA Graphic and Communication Design student Edward Roberts created the emblem in his spare time and submitted it to the competition, which was run by Buckingham Palace and the V&A Museum in London, who selected his design to be the official logo for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

    The winning logo features a continuous line that incorporates the key features of St Edward's crown, representative of the continuing reign of the Queen. The purple used is an exact match to the robe worn by The Queen at her Coronation in 1952, and the circular design symbolises a royal wax seal. The font is called ‘Perpetua’, meaning forever, and the top of the Crown is shaped into the number 70.

    Having designed the official emblem, Edward will receive the honour of meeting Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace as part of the four days of Jubilee celebrations in June 2022. Edward has hand-signed just 150 covers, creating this very special product to be treasured by fans of the Royal Family for years to come.

    A proportion of the proceeds of sales from this item will be donated to the Queen’s Green Canopy Initiative. See more at

    Customers who spend over £30 (including one item from the Platinum Jubilee collection) will be automatically entered into our Afternoon Tea with Lady C competition prize draw, information available here.

    Our premium collectables make for the perfect way to commemorate and remember this historic occasion for years to come. Each sought after item is produced to a strictly limited edition and will not be re-printed, ensuring its status as a collectable for this landmark event.

    **Dispatched from 15th June 2022**

    Limited Edition

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