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Isle of Man Post Office 50th Anniversary Set & Sheet Set

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary we present seven stamps: six stamps are featuring a 'stamp on stamp' design, collaging a journey through 50 years of postal independence by the Isle of Man Post Office. An additional stamp in isolation, seen upon the sixth stamp of the set of six, represents the Europa Stamp 2023 themed: 'PEACE - The Highest Value of Humanity'.

Product Description
  • The set of six 'stamp on stamp' designs has been carefully curated by our General Manager Maxine Cannon and beautifully deisgned by EJC Design to give a cohesive and chronological representation of the stamp archives of the Isle of Man Post Office throughout the past 50 years. The future is represented with the Europa Stamp 2023, themed 'PEACE - The Highest Value of Humanity: 

    Stamp 1 – Featuring Viking Landing on Man from the 1973 Inauguration of Postal Independence issue, this stamp covers the first decade of Isle of Man stamps and shares designs from 1973, 1976 and 1979. The stamp features the words “Isle of Man Stamps”

    Stamp 2 – Years shared are 1980, 1987 and 1988 displaying the Europa stamp of Thomas Edward Brown (1980), the beautiful Gaity Theatre and Villa Marina in Douglas (1987) and the famous Douglas Horse Tram (1988). The stamp features “Isla de Man Sellos”, Spanish.

    Stamp 3 – Selected are three memorable stamps from the 90’s, including the 1995 Europa Peace and Freedom stamp which shares similar sentiment to this year’s theme. Other years displayed are 1993 stamp featuring the Royal Yacht Britannia and a manx kitten on the 1996 stamp. The stamps features “Isle of Man Frimerke”, Norwegian.

    Stamp 4 – Displaying four stamps from the 2000’s, this design shares highlights from standout issues, acknowledging the history of Queen Elizabeth II in our Island’s postal history (2001). Other years featured are George Kneale & Viscount Kitchner for the year 2000, the 2004 Europa Stamp and Alan Bean in 2009. The stamp features “Île de Man Timbre”, French.

    Stamp 5 – This design shares some recent landmark Isle of Man stamps, memorable to many current employees. Stamps are from 2012, 2016 and 2018, sharing some of our most well-received recent issues.  The stamp features “Froncobolli dell' Isola di Man”, Italian.

    Stamp 6 – The most recent decade of Isle of Man, we nod towards the forthcoming reign of King Charles III. This stamp also displays our entry to the 30th Europa anniversary peace theme. Years shown are 2020 and 2022, as well as two stamps from 2023. The stamp features “Insel Man Briefmarken”, German.

    Stamp 7 – Europa Stamp (in isolation) – Presented in isolation of the set of six is the 2023 Europa stamp (seen upon the sixth stamp of this collection). 'PEACE - the Highest Value of Humanity' was proposed by the Ukrainian Post Office and chosen by PostEurop to show solidarity with Ukraine and to promote the universal value for all humanity - peace.

    The Sheet Set format is seven sheets, each sheet has six stamps per sheet. The seventh Sheetlet features the Europa Stamp 2023 and is also available as a standalone product.

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