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The Kneale Archives Collection

An absolute must-have for any Nigel Kneale fan! With issue text written by the talented and elegant Jane Asher, who has appeared in The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) and The Stone Tape (1972). The Kneale Archives Collection also comes with a complimentary UV torch keyring worth £2.50 to help you uncover the secrets held in the stamps.


£29.95 inc. VAT


Product Code: ACG43

Product Description
  • All beautifully housed within a brightly coloured folder, the collection includes: Commemorative Sheetlet, First Day Cover and a Presentation Pack - all moderately priced less than purchasing each component separately. 

    Stamp size: Set stamps are 54 x 40mm, Sheetlet stamps are 52.50 x 39.97mm

    Jane Asher, actor who appeared in The Quatermass Xperiment and The Stone Tape said, ‘I met Nigel while starring in The Stone Tape in 1972 and found him as charming, clever and perceptive as I’d imagined. As the daughter of an endocrinologist, brought up surrounded by scientific and medical books and enjoying discussions on those themes around the dining table, I appreciated – and still do – the way Nigel in his writing combined scientific principles with fantasy and made us all consider anew what we know of the physical world. I’m sure he would be thrilled to have his achievements reflected in this fantastic set of stamps.’

    • In appreciation of Jane’s contribution to our stamp issue we have made a donation to the         The National Autistic Society for whom she has served as President since 1997.

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