Door 2 Door - Leaflet and Promotional Materials Delivery Service

Door 2 Door - Leaflet and Promotional Materials Delivery Service

Door 2 Door delivers your message with the post to over 43,000 residential and business delivery points.

Door 2 Door - Promotional Material Delivery Service

Door 2 Door promotional material delivery service is a service which allows delivery of unaddressed promotional material to over 43,000 residential and business delivery points across the island.

The Most Effective Way to Reach the Island Community

No other on-Island service has as many delivery points. This service enables your branding to be delivered with the mail direct to the homes of your customers and potential customers by our trusted uniformed team of delivery staff and as the items are unaddressed no personal data is required for the service. 83%* of promotional items delivered via Door 2 Door are opened, read, filed or set aside for later.

Maximum Impact

No promotional materials detailing the same or similar subject matter will be distributed in the same week as yours. There are also a limited number of delivery slots each week, meaning your message won't get lost among vast numbers of items; for this reason booking are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

***Information for Election Candidates***

Any candidates interested in using the service relating to election materials please note:

NB – these are postal routes and do not adhere to constituency boundaries – may not cover entire constituency or may include areas falling outside your planned constituency boundary. The service is booked by whole routes, which cannot be only partially covered or altered to suit electoral purposes.

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