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Back to the Moon Sheetlet (Mint)

This self-adhesive sheet features the full set of Back to the Moon stamps with a strip of four stamps from the two previous Moonlanding issues 'One Small Step' and 'One Giant Leap'. This Sheetlet is presented within a special folder featuring detailed text by Chris Stott.


£17.00 inc. VAT


Product Code: ACM64

Product Description
  • This self-adhesive sheetlet combines our Back to the Moon stamp issue with our two previous Moonlanding stamp issues 'One Small Step' (2019) and 'One Giant Leap' (2020). Four stunning stamps from the previous issues connect beautifully with the eight new stamps that focus on the future of humanity on the Moon. Presented within a special folder that details insights by Issue Text Author Chris Stott this commorative sheetlet is a must have and should be part of your Isle of Man Exploring the Moon and Space collection.   

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